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Human Resource Machine


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Have you used the Human resource Machine?

It is a fantastic, game informed learning tool that allows students to understand machine code, and process. This interactive and engaging scheme of learning from AMT Learning and Cognautics is set to take students through a  range of computational logic and paradigms.

Covering three fundamental topics of:

  1. CPU Basics
  2. Coding Principles
  3. Algorithms

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Links:

  • design, use and evaluate computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real-world problems and physical systems
  • understand several key algorithms that reflect computational thinking [for example, ones for sorting and searching]; use logical reasoning to compare the utility of
    alternative algorithms for the same problem
  • understand simple Boolean logic [for example, AND, OR and NOT] and some of its uses in circuits and programming; understand how numbers can be represented in
    binary, and be able to carry out simple operations on binary numbers [for example, binary addition, and conversion between binary and decimal


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